Based out of Central Illinois; I take on local clients and am available for travel. I specialize in Portraiture, Fashion, food & Product Photography.

  • I have a great sense of humor.
  • I love to win.
  • I like getting my hands dirty (although my hands are baby soft)
  • Solving problems is my thing.
  • I live for the hustle.
  • I have an entrepreneurial mindset and am smart, and passionate about everything I do.
  • I know the acronyms but speak in plain English.
  • I’m the first to admit if I don’t know something but then I go figure it out quickly.
  • Going the extra mile is second nature.
  • I thrive in a fast-paced work environment, readily adapting to continually changing priorities and aggressive project timeframes.
  • I give credit to others where credit is due and take responsibility for misses.

Outside of photography I enjoy local restaurants and learning Modernist Cuisine techniques. I'm a mean competitor when it comes to squealing tires in Mario Kart. I know when that next new thing comes out.I like learning new retouching techniques, reading about branding and marketing strategies, and browsing Kickstarter campaigns. My friends often ask "How do you know that?"